At Majenta we understand the importance of organising and managing data in a secure environment, and that quickly and easily finding and re-using data can bring significant benefits to your business.

We also understand managing data effectively is critical to the productivity of your teams. That is why we provide a dedicated Project Data Management Consultancy Service. The Product Data Management Consultancy Service is highly experienced in defining, delivering and supporting data management solutions from small teams to large-scale, multi-site installations, including data migration and adoption of new practices to optimise performance.

Majenta Product Data Management Consultancy Service adopts a best practice workflow including documentation, gateway sign-off and regular communication updates, to ensure all data management installations are delivered smoothly and efficiently, and importantly, address the needs of your business.


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  • "Thank you for everything, including Majenta Solutions'  hospitality and especially for Nick's brilliant way of lecturing. I took the skills I needed  and more from the course."

    Rami El Ahmadieh

  • "Without the Academy I wouldn't have the opportunities that I have now. The standard of training combined with the reputation of Majenta has helped me into a very competitive industry."

    Peter Reach

    Lotus Cars

  • "Having completed the Academy and combined what I learned with my exisiting knowledge of 3D design, I am confident I can excel."

    Paul Hamilton

    August Media

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