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Majenta Solutions is a Gold Awarded Autodesk Partner specialising in the supply of innovative design and data management technologies to Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Process and Plant and Structural engineering professionals.

The latest Autodesk software, together with Majenta Solutions expertise, enables people and businesses to create better…


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Essential tools, together, at one great price

Our new industry collections provide access to multiple Autodesk products, offering greater value and flexibility with simpler ways to subscribe to and manage Autodesk software.


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Expand your knowledge and skills

Through the Majenta Solutions Academy, you can expand your knowledge and skillset with one of our Autodesk Software courses. With a range of software courses and task-specific training available, all within our Authorised Training Centre, there’s a course that can benefit you.


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Access to the best expertise in the business

The entire Autodesk software range is supported by Majenta Solutions, who are experts in Autodesk software. Not only do our customers receive software support, they also have access to technical consultants who can advise on best practices, process improvements and much more.


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Raise the bar and take an Autodesk Certification Exam

Majenta Solutions is also an accredited Autodesk Certification Centre (ACC), this means that we can invigilate Autodesk Certification Exams for you at our dedicated Majenta Solutions Academy Centre.


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Autodesk Product Centre


  • Architectural, Engineering, Construction
  • Building
  • Product Design & Manufacturing
  • Industrial Design & Visualisation

Value Added Services

  • Consulting Specialised
  • Product Support Specialised
  • Authorised Training Centre
  • Authorised Certification Centre
  • Authorised Developer

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