Majenta Solutions can install and configure your Autodesk software, ensuring that your system is running to its optimal performance.

If you are upgrading your Autodesk application to the latest version, components of previous versions may be left behind, which can cause problems and inconsistencies with the latest software. As part of our standard installation service we always ensure that all elements of the old version are completely removed.


To use the products to their optimum and take advantage of the functionality available, requires specialist knowledge to install and configure, and correctly deploy the CAD package.

This is pivotal to the correct operation of all software managed by this program, so setting it up correctly is essential to avoid unnecessary down time for the users.


The Majenta Installation includes:

  • Access to an experienced Autodesk consultant
  • Correct activation and configuration of Autodesk licenses
  • Check software against hardware for compatibility
  • Ensure all critical system drivers are up to date, maximising performance
  • Clean removal of old versions of Autodesk software
  • Optimise user application options within the Autodesk software
  • Supply digital copies of Autodesk software – No need for you to download
  • Full documentation upon completion, to be left for reference


Should you purchase new workstations from Majenta Solutions, we can offer the Majenta Installation service for these machines at a reduced rate. This work would be completed by a workstation specialist at our offices, before delivery to you in a ready-to-work state.


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