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3D mechanical design, documentation and simulation software with Autodesk Inventor Professional. ***Please note eligible customers can get 10% off 3 year subscriptions for this product. Please contact our team for more information. Offer ends on 25th January 2019.***

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Inventor® 3D CAD software offers professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation and product simulation tools.

What’s new in Inventor for 2019?

Inventor® 2019 improves design workflows with increased performance, better collaboration and new professional-grade design tools.

  • Streamlined hole command
  • iLogic enhancements
  • Shared view collaboration
  • Performance improvements
  • Content centre enhancements
  • Model-based definition enhancements
  • Frame generator enhancements
  • Improved Inventor experience
  • Sheet metal for manufacturing
  • Improved part modelling workflows
  • Assembly improvements


Shape Generator
Shape Generator is a new approach to designing lightweight, structurally efficient parts. Shape Generator provides an intelligent strategy for maximizing part stiffness based on the constraints you specify.

Parametric Modelling
Create parameters as you sketch and dynamically size 3D objects. Focus on your design, not the interface.

Assembly Modelling
Assembly modelling combines the strategies of placing existing components in an assembly, and creating other components in place within the context of the assembly.

Drawing Creation
Understand the wide range of component and assembly views available in Inventor, how to configure them, and the relationships between views.

Hole Command
Get a streamlined, personalised workflow with fewer clicks, increased speed and optimised productivity.

Model-based Definition Enhancements
Enable face status colouring for visual feedback as you fully constrain your model. Get improved 3D annotation callouts for hole quantity.

Content Centre Enhancements
Discover productivity upgrades that improve search abilities and provide a new modernised look and feel.

Assembly Improvements
Explore user-requested improvements to assemblies for constraints, tube and pipe, and frame generator.

Flexible Modelling
Use the right modelling tool for every job with parametric, freeform and direct modelling tools.

Direct Modelling
Use easy push/pull controls to move, rotate, resize or scale features from imported geometries.

Free Form Modelling
Freely sculpt the shape of your design by moving points, edges and faces.

Mechanical Concept and Layout Design
Open AutoCAD DWG™ files directly inside Inventor as the basis for your 3D model.

Plastic Parts Design
Design and analyse plastic parts with purpose-built tools in Inventor.

Sheet Metal Design
Design complex sheet metal products that conform to BIM and your company’s standards.

Automated Product Configuration
Easily set up and deploy complex product configurations.

Part and Assembly Design Automation
Create reusable, configurable parts, product features or assemblies by defining variable parameters.

Component Generators and Calculators
Use built-in calculators to inform the design of common joints such as welds, clamps and press fits.

Automated Tube and Pipe Design
Use a combination of automated tools and full-control design functions in Inventor to build tube and pipe runs.

Electromechanical Design
Connect 3D models of electronic components to their 2D schematic counterparts.Changes are updated in both Inventor Professional and AutoCAD Electrical, so your teams are always in sync.

Automated Tube and Pipe Design
Use a combination of automated tools and full-control design functions in Inventor to build tube and pipe runs.

Cloud-Based 3D Design Reviews
Share lightweight versions of your 3D designs in the cloud.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Interoperability
Integrate your electronics and mechanical designs into a single, complete definition of your product.

BIM Interoperability
Access tools specifically created to help prepare your 3D models for use in Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems.

Data Management
Robust search function makes it easy to find files and quickly copy design files. Connects to Vault (included in Product Design & Manufacturing Collection).

Exploded Views and Animations
Use exploded views and animations of complex assemblies in your product documentation, manuals, and assembly instructions.

Dynamic Simulation
Apply forces to evaluate the motion, speed and acceleration of your design.

Stress Analysis
Run quick checks on parts or perform in-depth analysis of the entire product at any stage.

Visualisation and Rendering
Show how your product will look with visualization and rendering tools.

Combining training and learning, together with your software is essential. The individual or team that drives the design process must have the highest level of knowledge and product training so the business can leverage its full potential.

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If you’re not sure which type of course you need to help drive your business forward, please get in touch via email or call us on 02476 308 500. We’re here to help. Alternatively, take a look at the Scheduled Courses.

Types of Learning
Through the Majenta Academy, individuals and teams can learn through a number of product-based courses or consultancy-led reviews. All designed to help your business meet its objectives, in a format that benefits you. Choose from;

  • Bespoke and Tailored Courses
  • Non-Scheduled Courses
  • Scheduled Courses

Bespoke and Tailored Courses

Whatever you are looking to achieve, we can help you get there. Through our bespoke and tailored courses, we can wrap training around your own needs and requirements. Whether you need product training or some technical and business advice, please get in touch via email or call us on 02476 308 500.

Non-Scheduled Courses

Here at the Majenta Academy, we are running training courses all the time. If no Upcoming Scheduled Courses are appearing below, don’t worry. You can still get in touch via email or call us on 02476 308 500 to arrange your next training course.

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At Majenta, we recognise that support needs vary from customer to customer. That’s why we’ve created Subscription Plus.

We highly recommend taking advantage of the expertise and experience that Majenta can offer you, rather than relying on Basic Support.

Basic Support

  • Online Support via Email
  • Access Support via Online Community Forum

Subscription Plus Support Package

There are two Subscription Plus packages that you can choose from, each offering you a level of service and support that’s right for your business.

As well as receiving the standard Autodesk Subscription features, you’ll have access to Majenta software experts in a way that’s right for you and the support you need.

Whichever package you choose, you’ll benefit from a host of value added features and dedicated support from the Majenta Helpdesk Support team.

Subscription Plus Pro

Take the hassle out of software by choosing Subscription Plus Pro. In return, you’ll receive:

  • Access to our Customer Portal
  • Dedicated Helpdesk Support
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • MX Helpdesk Connect
  • Autodesk Account Support
  • Priority to Majenta Academy Events

Subscription Plus Master

As well as receiving everything in the Pro plan, you’ll receive:

  • FREE 10-User MX Account
  • Majenta Academy Online Training Sessions
  • FREE Annual Hardware Optimisation, Productivity and Technical Review
  • Autodesk Legacy Product Support
  • One-to-One Q&A Service
  • Remote One-to-One Training Sessions
  • Remote One-to-One Installation and Upgrade Assistance*
  • 10% Discount on Majenta Passport

*not including Vault

Smart. Flexible. Powerful. Autodesk Subscriptions.

Discover what Maintenance Subscription, Subscription, and Cloud Service Subscription can do for your budget, your people and your projects.


Autodesk Subscription gives you access to Autodesk software—the same full version you get with a perpetual license—but with a flexible, pay-as-you-go approach for a software budget that’s easier to manage.

  • Pay-as-you-go access
  • Scalable licensing
  • Up-to-date software
  • Additional cloud and software services

Difference between Single-User and Multi-User

Contract administrators grant access to subscription for single-user products and associated services by assigning a named user to a product. Each named user is an individual with a unique Autodesk ID. The number of named users you can assign per product is determined by the total number of licenses available for that product.

Supports a specific maximum number of users on computers connected to a network. Licenses are issued via Network License Manager (NLM) software utility to each user who starts an Autodesk product, up to the number of licenses purchased. Usually returns to NLM when a user closes all Autodesk products, which makes the license available to other users. NLM can be configured to allow a user to borrow a license and disconnect from the network until a specified return date—a borrowed license is only returned to NLM on or before the return date

Cloud Service Subscription

Now you can access your tools via the Internet without tying up your desktop or maintaining software. Get access to select Autodesk cloud services for creating, editing, analysing, and sharing work through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model.

  • Convenient access
  • Simplified collaboration
  • Secure storage
  • Powerful computing

Create better with software from Majenta

We’ve over 20 years experience working with design software. Over this time, Majenta have assisted many different types of organisations, working in varied industry spaces, to help meet their objectives.

Whatever your demands, Majenta have the expertise to deliver real added value to you, your team and your organisation.


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