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Virtual Reality (VR) has allowed designers, engineers, partners and other stakeholders, in a variety of industries, to explore designs and become involved in an immersive experience.

In recent years we’ve witnessed an increase in demand for CGI of industrial design products, furnitures, home appliances architecture and automotive. Manufacturers are savvier and are understanding the benefits of 3D. Its application is more and more common in the production of catalogues, web content, and other visual marketing media.

VR is a natural evolution of experiencing, rather than viewing our designs. This technology helps close communication gaps and improve decision making between design departments and then to customers by improving exploration and validation digital designs.

VR is a natural evolution of experiencing, rather than viewing 3D designs. This technology helps close communication gaps and improve decision making between design departments, and enhance communication with customers by improving exploration and validation of digital designs.

Using Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) we are evolving from ‘Computer Generated Imagery’ to ‘Computer Generated Immersion’ where perception of a product, building or operation can be far better achieved in VR long before a physical model or prototype has been created.

How VR can benefit your business:

  • Improve design decision making and collaboration
  • Reduce visualisation/modelling costs and time
  • Stay ahead of your competition and raise your brand profile through media engagement
  • Improve communication at product launch/event/exhibition
  • Increase product sales by targeting early consumer technology adopters
  • Raise company profile at a product launch/event/exhibition through an innovative medium
  • Product training or familiarity
  • Reduce costly travel expenses to experience design in multiple geo locations
  • Reduce transportation costs of scale models

Visualisation tools have been developed to aid designers, engineers and digital artists so that they may explore and validate digital designs.

VR now enables users, teams and businesses to make more informed design decisions throughout the design and review process, regardless of user location.

Not only does VR offer benefits to design and engineering teams, it also ensures that these digital designs can be utilised within marketing teams to engage with audiences and drive sales.

Reasons to explore VR:

  • Immersive – users wearing a headset are completely immersed in the content meaning fewer distractions and more attention on the message.
  • Impactful – the intensity of a VR experience is greater than traditional media generating strong emotions in its users which are linked to real behaviour change.
  • Memorable – our brains are built to remember events linked to locations, this means that VR experiences have a longer trace in the audience’s memory.
  • Innovative – with high media and public interest in VR early adopters can benefit from favourable media exposure.

Users, consumers and stakeholders are now ready for you to invest in VR today.

Here at Majenta Solutions, we pride ourselves in getting to know your business and what you’re looking to achieve. Our aim is to ensure that any implementation of VR is adopted throughout the business, improves internal processes and provides a positive ROI.

Having successfully implemented VR solutions to a number of our customers, within various industry spaces, our collective design knowledge aligns with the genuine requirements of our customers. This allows us to identify and understand issues to generate VR experiences that have a tangible impact & ROI on the adoption and deployment of VR solutions for areas such as specific design review & marketing.

Using reduced cost and the rapidly increasing quality of Head Mounted Displays, coupled with the rapid development of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, mean we are evolving from ‘Computer Generated Imagery’ to ‘Computer Generated Immersion’ – enabling us to break the traditional barriers of visual communication.

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