Course Type:
3 Days
Majenta Academy - Coventry
3 Argosy Court, Scimitar Way, Whitley Business Park, Coventry, CV3 4GA
Sharon Newton
User Level:
Intermediate to Advanced

The material assumes a mastery of Autodesk® Inventor basics as taught in Inventor Fundamentals

Inventor Advanced Modelling training builds on the skills acquired in the Inventor Fundamentals training course, taking students to a higher level of productivity when designing Part Models, whilst creating and working with Assemblies in Autodesk Inventor.

In this training course, various advanced Modelling techniques are considered to enable students to streamline the design and documentation process.

  • 2D and 3D Sketching Techniques
  • Advanced Geometry Creation Tools
  • Geometry Analysis Tools
  • Creating and Editing Basic Surfaces
  • Importing Surfaces and Repair Tools
  • Creating and using iFeatures and iParts
  • Importing and Exporting external Data
  • Emboss and Decal Features
  • Motion and Transitional Constraints
  • Top-Down Design Technique for creating Assemblies and Components
  • Assembly Representations – View, Position and Levels of Detail
  • Using the Design Accelerators
  • Using the Frame Generator to create quick structural Frame Work
  • Using Pattern, Mirror and Copy Technique to Duplicate Components in an Assembly
  • Using assembly Weldments
  • Linking to an external spread sheet file


1st Apr
22nd Jul
18th Sep

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