Course Type:
5 Days
Majenta Academy - Coventry
3 Argosy Court, Scimitar Way, Whitley Business Park, Coventry, CV3 4GA
Sharon Newton
User Level:
Beginner to Intermediate
  • No prior Alias software experience is necessary
  • Existing Autodesk Alias users wanting to broaden and deepen their Alias CAS modelling skills

A five-day Autodesk accredited course in Alias CAS modelling “fundamentals” (aka blank-screen design). The objective is to provide new and existing Alias users a high-level overview of the interface, basic curve and surface creation and geometry manipulation, and an overview of industry surface modelling best practises and procedures

Creation of a 3D “Sketch Model” from Designer’s sketch (Audi TT) combining feature-function exercises in a workflow context project. The project affords students the freedom to explore real-world application with the reassurance of ‘over-the-shoulder’ instructor support. Interactive learning is actively encouraged through use of whiteboard explanation and open discussion.
Topics covered include:-

  • GUI, data and project structure
    – UI fundamentals, geometry manipulation and management
    – Customisation and Preferences
  • Geometry properties
    – Single and multi-span geometry math (Bezier, NURBs and Rational)
    – Modelling best practise (parameterization and Explicit Control)
  • Curve-based modelling fundamentals
    – Curve types: geometric (Keypoint), freeform (CV, EP curves) and COS
    – Derived surface: sweep, loft and mesh tools
  • Curve and Surface transitions and blends
    – Blend Curves in detail
    – Surface Fillet, Symmetric Fillet, Freeform Blend, Profile Blend
  • Surface Trim/Divide
    – Trim, Un-Trim, Trim Convert, Stitch, Detach
  • Freeform modelling fundamentals
    – CV Transform and Align
  • Evaluation fundamentals
    – Analytic: Curve and Surface continuity, Cross Section Editor
    – Aesthetic: curvature graphs, highlights and reflections, Non-proportional View Scale etc.


8th Apr
17th Jun
30th Sep
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