What is the Future of Making Things?


The way we design, make and use things is currently undergoing the biggest change in the last few decades.

As we are enthusiastically embracing the breakthroughs brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution, we can clearly see how this disruption is progressively remodelling every industry out there – Architecture, Engineering, and Construction; Product Design and Manufacturing; and Media and Entertainment – but Autodesk has taken upon itself to lead the way into the ‘Future of Making Things’.

The tools it provides are the gateway to a radical industry transformation paving the way to greater convergence, integration and connection.

New ways to Design, Make and Use things

  • Collaboration: local teams are being replaced replaced by global teams working together in a virtual environment
  • Capital: innovative ideas are easily financed through democratised funds
  • Cloud Computing: vast amount of data can be stored and processed faster and more efficiently
  • Production: speed to market is progressively increasing thanks to advanced manufacturing methods and prefabrication
  • Access: access to market is easier for small businesses and startups
  • Consumers: present day consumers are looking for a more personalised experience
  • Interrelated Objects: digital systems are being integrated into the physical world transforming physical objects into smart devices
  • Sensors: a huge amount of data is being collected and communicated through the use of sensors
  • Feedback Loop: connected devices are able to offer insight into consumer preferences for improvement purposes

To help you assess your readiness in the five key areas absolutely essential for competitive advantage – Competitive Advantage, Mass Customisation, Collaboration, Flexible Manufacturing, and Customer Experience – Autodesk have devised a dedicated tool.

Go through the online assessment filling in the necessary information, and the tool will then create your personalised report, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, and providing suggestions for improving your readiness.


Find out how your design and construction business can boost performance, creativity, and profitability through Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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Tap into the power of the newest manufacturing technologies—including generative design, additive manufacturing, and the Internet of Things—through one complete product innovation platform.

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Become an indie game maker with the right tools to design, build, and create your own video game—no large studio required.

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