What is a Majenta Technical Account Management (TAM) Review?

Majenta Technical Account Management Reviews or TAM Reviews are designed to keep you up to date on all aspects of your software. TAM Reviews are an included benefit for anyone with a Majenta Subscription Master package.

We will contact you and arrange to visit your site at your convenience. TAM Reviews offer the opportunity to discuss several key areas across your business at a very high level, this information is then documented in a TAM Review report with advised actions based upon the discussion.

How to make the most of your software

A Majenta Technical Account Management Review helps us better understand your business, the landscape and the challenges you face, in order to identify potential areas for improvement aligned to your business goals and objectives.

Reviewing your software usage and being kept up to date with both Autodesk and industry changes can help your business:

  • Keep up to date with changes within Autodesk and new product developments
  • Investigate issues on site, with escalation to our Majenta Autodesk Helpdesk
  • Learn and develop new functions/workflows aligned to your business
  • Ensure that your licencing information is up to date and compliant
  • Receive hardware advice and recommendations
  • Help to improve software efficiency for users

The outcome of the Majenta Technical Account Management Review is a list of meaningful opportunities, specifically defined to address your business challenges, to help deliver aligned workflows and software productivity gains. A plan of action is then formulated focused on leveraging current technology with best practices, helping to accelerate product development, maximise software investment and ultimately increase competitive advantage for your business.

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A Majenta Technical Account Management Review can be arranged at a date and time to suit you and typically requires a few hours to complete. In attendance will be a member of the Majenta Technical Team, who will have Autodesk product knowledge, alongside current industry best practice and procedures.

Why do I need an Account Review?

For most people it is important for you to be designing and producing, without always having the luxury of being able to keep up to date with what is happening with Autodesk, their products and wider industry changes.

Majenta Technical Account Management Reviews are an opportunity for us to come and visit you, to help fill in the gaps and aim to make you as productive as possible, whist allowing you to focus on what is important to you.

If you have asked yourself or are experiencing any of the challenges below:

  • We have new starters, and/or our users are not fully aware of all software features?
  • It feels like we have a disjointed software workflow, how can this be improved?
  • Are we using the latest Autodesk software and what benefits could this bring?
  • What is new with Autodesk and where are things heading?
  • We are experiencing Software and/or Hardware Issues?
  • Do we have enough licenses and are we compliant?
  • What else can Majenta offer?

Then perhaps it is a good time to give us a call on +44 (0)2476 308500 and book a Majenta Technical Account Management Review today.

  • "Technology is enabling us to pull together the product design and manufacturing design aspects of the business. The experts at Majenta went beyond what you’d expect from a technical support supplier and with their assistance we are working together more efficiently to provide a better service for our customers."

    Beatson Clark

  • "Majenta can take responsibility for ensuring that any data they send is downloaded without having to go through the CAD department. This saves the time and effort of CAD engineers and allows them to focus on their own tasks."

    Jamie Calleja

    CAD Engineer
    Eaton Vehicle Group

  • "The Majenta team always goes the extra mile for us, especially when we need urgent advice or support.  They understand the complex nature of our business too.  That knowledge, combined with a progressive, ‘can do’ approach is particularly evident when helping us to realise the true potential of Autodesk Moldflow."

    Justin Anstey


  • "Excellent tutor! I learnt so much – everything I needed - which helped me to obtain an Alias placement in the automotive industry."

    Matthew Robson

  • "Majenta Solutions team members are unfailingly helpful. They provide direct and timely advice, a consistently excellent service and we know that we can rely on them completely."

    Ian Blundell

    CAD Engineer
    Eaton Vehicle Group

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