Manufacturing Design Automation

With over 20 years in the manufacturing, construction, industrial design and automotive industries. Majenta Solutions in-house team of content creators have a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to assist you and your business.

Supplementing your own in house team with additional hands or skills to help complete new or complex tasks. Design Automation comes in many guises, depending on the types of products, services and customers you need to work with. And could include rules-driven design to provide a simple way to capture and reuse your work.

Standardise and automate design processes and configure your virtual products. Provide engineers, sales reps, and end customers with web and mobile access to a 3D configuration of your products.

Majenta Design Automation has already helped businesses to automate and streamline processes, freeing up teams to concentrate on production work or allowing sales teams to accurately and efficiently produce proposals for prospective customers ahead of the competition.

Examples of Majenta MFG Design Automation include:

  • Parametric and iLogic 3D Models and Drawings
  • Tabulated Feature, Part and Assembly designs
  • Streamlined standard library components
  • Customer facing catalogue components
  • Swift quoting and sales proposal tools
  • Automated template designs
  • Point of Sales (POS) tools
  • Web based configurators

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