CAD Manager Tools

Majenta CAD Manager Tools are designed to assist businesses with an external CAD Manager, helping to set out your company’s modelling, detailing and standards for all to see.

This can assist in streamlining your design/engineering office, ensuring that everyone is aware of how and what to do, resulting in a constant level of consistent output from all users within the business.

If you employ a variable workforce, with contractors assisting on larger projects, the Majenta CAD Manager Tools can help inform new starters of your company’s best working practises within the design/engineering office.


The Majenta CAD Manager Tools includes:

  • Site visit by one of our technical experts at your convenience
  • Document your company’s modelling, detailing and filing best practises
  • Recommendations for Smart Modelling, to fit in around your company’s practises, to include Parts, Assemblies and Drawings
  • Design Intent workflows and techniques based on your products
  • Inventor Application Options and User Interface (UI) company preferences
  • Filing, folder and Project structuring, either Windows or Vault
  • Detail your companies Engineer Change Order (ECO) process, either in house or Vault
  • Property (metadata) management for files or Vault
  • Creation of templates, with property (metadata) linking for your company
  • Option to add Majenta Solutions to your software contract as a Software Coordinator, to assist management of your Autodesk license assets and Users


Please note: The Majenta CAD Manager Tools includes a 12 month Majenta Subscription+ Pro contract, to provide continued support for you and your team.

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