Win more business, reduce development costs, and improve speed to market of innovative industrial equipment and machinery

Structuring a workflow to deliver competitive advantage, within an ever-increasing competitive market, is a vital step that all innovative companies must take.

Aiming to reduce costs, whilst improving speed to market, is not an impossible task. Implementing a tailored workflow ensures that you have a platform to deliver on internal objectives.

Workflow for industrial equipment

Whether you design and manufacture construction equipment or power generators, there will be a workflow that you can tailor to your own requirements to meet your own objectives. Our clients benefit from our expertise by using our consultation services before implementing a new workflow.

If you are looking to reduce costly late charges and better manage external processes, then consider improving your workflow.

Understanding your workflow

Here at Majenta Solutions, we take pride in listening to our clients and getting to understand their processes and objectives.

Understanding your current workflow and your objectives is the first step in a journey which aims at reducing costs and improving efficiencies within the design and manufacturing process.

Industrial Workflow

Sales Engineering

  • Respond to RFPs quickly and accurately to win projects and grow your business.
  • Automate the order and bid process right at the point of sale by providing easy-to-use tools for capturing business and engineering rules.

Concept/Design Layout

  • Save significant time during conceptual design by reusing existing 2D and 3D designs as starting points for your new design concepts.
  • Design and capture 2D and 3D concepts, and reduce barriers to communication and collaboration when working with non-native 3D models from customers.

Detailed Mechanical & Electrical Design

  • Produce accurate, integrated mechanical and electrical models to design and simulate products before they are built, and automate tedious design tasks.
  • Quickly create accurate, standards-compliant drawings from your 3D designs with automated drawing creation tools.
  • Automate the process of 3D modelling and documentation based on rules for configuring new products.
  • Easily control, manage, find, and reuse design data and product information with complete product management capabilities.


  • Optimise products for performance and material cost, resulting in fewer physical prototypes.
  • Reduce reliance on costly physical prototypes by simulating real-world product use cases digitally.
  • Improve product quality, and reduce support and warranty claims by optimising designs prior to manufacturing.

Marketing Communications

  • Create high-quality renderings and movies from CAD models to help market and sell your designs.
  • Illustrate your products and industrial electronics equipment within the context of your customers’ factories to differentiate you from the competition and win more business.
  • Easily manage the most up-to-date design and engineering data so non-CAD users can more effectively access the correct product information.

Manufacturing and Production

  • Design, optimise, and communicate the most efficient factory layout. Analyse digital factory models before installing equipment to reduce risks.
  • Publish interactive, 3D assembly instructions directly from your CAD data to better communicate with manufacturing teams and avoid costly assembly errors.
  • Reduce manufacturing and design errors with revision control to help ensure that everyone is working with the latest, released design data.

Install and Commissioning

  • Meet performance, schedule, budget, and customer expectations for new or retrofit production lines.
  • Provide mobile access to interactive, 3D assembly instructions so that field technicians, sales teams, and customers have the information they need.
  • Create and provide access to consistent documentation to help ensure that production lines install efficiently and at reduced costs.

Services and Support

  • Increase efficiency and productivity with access to factory 2D documentation for maintenance and repair.
  • Reduce potential costly repair errors by providing access to the most accurate and interactive service instructions.
  • Document and track maintenance and repair schedules.

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