Deliver rich, visual in-game experiences by bringing your worlds and characters to life

It’s right that game designers strive to produce the most realistic and rich gaming experience for their users. Game design should be focused in delivering the best experiences.

Therefore, it’s also right that they are supported in achieving their goals to create an immersive gaming experience.

Workflows for Game Design and Entertainment

Creating the right environment to produce advanced and complex game designs can be challenging. Looking at your current workflow will help you establish areas in which improvements can be made.

Staying ahead in this competitive environment is essential, so having the right support together with the right tools ensures that you can produce leading games and entertainment.

Understanding your workflow

Here at Majenta Solutions, we take pride in listening to our clients and getting to understand their processes and objectives.

Understanding your current workflow and your objectives is the first step in a journey which aims at reducing costs and improving efficiencies within the design and manufacturing process.

Game Design and Entertainment Workflows

High/Low Resolution Models

  • Create production-quality meshes with animation-ready topology from scanned, imported, or sculpted data with Mudbox 3d digital sculpting and texture painting software.
  • Model and texture characters, props, and environments more efficiently with Autodesk game making software.

Skinning and Rigging

  • Pose and animate characters more easily.
  • Automatically create FK/IK rigs based on the size and proportions of your character, and save custom, reusable rigs.
  • Create better-skinned characters with more realistic deformations when you access skinning, rigging, and binding tools in Maya software.
  • Use Softimage ICE software to drive the movement and behaviors of characters and create advanced rigging elements.
  • Use the comprehensive range of Biped and Physique rigging and skinning tools within 3ds Max 3D modelling, animation, rendering, and compositing software.

Normal and Displacement Maps

  • Produce a visually rich in-game experience by using Autodesk tools to bake complex surface and lighting details onto texture maps or vertices.
  • Create game-friendly assets by building complex lighting and shading set-ups in 3ds Max.
  • Remove lights from your scene with RenderMap when you bake complex materials onto a single texture image that incorporates lighting and shadows.

Shaders and Textures

  • Paint complex textures across multiple high-resolution maps with a dedicated 3D Paint toolset.
  • Build complex shaders with greater ease with the Slate node-based material editor in 3ds Max or Hypershade in Maya.


  • Produce better animation and boost productivity with the MotionBuilder real-time 3D character software animation engine.
  • Bring characters and worlds to life with keyframe, procedural, and motion-capture data tools.

Motion Capture

  • Efficiently work through dense data with cleanup, filtering, blending, and editing features.
  • Import or capture live files from many third-party, industry-standard motion capture systems.

Navigation Mesh

Create NPC pathfinding and path following with full source code access, a more accessible API, and remote visual debugging tools.


  • Easily create global illumination using the Turtle plug-in for Maya, and bake onto texture maps, vertex maps, or point clouds.
  • Simulate natural lighting effects for enhanced visual quality and a more compelling game experience.


Use Autodesk middleware technologies to help create innovative gaming experiences.

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