Bring your ideas to life and make your content count with the right workflow

Today, rich media comes in many forms. Movies, television, gaming and animation all have a place in how people consume content.

Telling compelling stories is an art, regardless of the medium. Having the right approach, together with the right tools, allows production quality output to be achieved quickly and easily.

Workflows for Visual Effects (VFX)

Tell more compelling stories with Autodesk software. From production-quality meshes and automatic character rigging to live action mixing and 3D animation, visual effects workflows help you bring your ideas to life more quickly and easily.

Understanding your workflow

Here at Majenta Solutions, we take pride in listening to our clients and getting to understand their processes and objectives.

Understanding your current workflow and your objectives is the first step in a journey which aims at reducing costs and improving efficiencies within the design and manufacturing process.

Film, TV and Entertainment Workflows

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