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Improve your 3 manufacturing process with Autodesk

It’s a competitive world, so are your products the very best they can be? Could your design to manufacture process be better, or more efficient?

In a world where the customer is king and competition is forcing profit margins down, standing still is no longer an option. Manufacturing businesses need to react to customer demands quicker than ever before and fend off the competition. To do this they need to address the business challenges that are identified as barriers to success and embrace lean manufacturing.

Meeting the needs of your customers

Your customers are placing increased pressure on you to produce more complex, reliable products that are more affordable and meet shorter delivery schedules, whilst adhering to stricter compliance regulations. To meet this challenge you need to produce goods that are both cost effective and of superior quality to your competitors’, whilst continually striving to introduce new, innovative products with minimal outlay.

Many leading companies have achieved significant productivity gains and reduced costs by implementing Autodesk’s Digital Prototyping Solutions. These businesses are driving product differentiation through innovation and customisation. They are also improving the management of production costs for custom products with flexible manufacturing. You don’t have to be a global company to benefit from Autodesk’s digital prototyping solutions; businesses of all sizes can realise the rewards quickly and cost-effectively.

Digital Prototyping is more than having the latest CAD features and functions, it’s about how effectively you design, engineer, visualise, simulate, manufacture and produce your products.

The Autodesk Approach

Your customers are placing increased pressure on you to produce more complex, reliable products. In order to maximise efficiency and reduce time to market it’s important that your workflows run seamlessly and with as few errors as possible. Autodesk calls this end-to-end solution Digital Prototyping. It encompasses everything from conception, design and validation, right through to production and beyond.

Drive Innovation, Improve Quality and Reduce Cost

Digital Prototyping is a revolutionary approach to product development that lets you design, visualise and simulate products rapidly and cost-effectively. Help grow revenue, spur innovation, and deliver quality products faster than ever by using Digital Prototyping to:

  • Create more innovative concepts and engineer more accurate digital prototypes
  • Perform simulations on digital prototypes to optimise designs
  • Streamline documentation, data management, and collaboration
  • Develop compelling, realistic visualisations to experience products before they’re real
  • Design, visualise and simulate your factory layouts.

Digital Prototyping will revolutionise your entire product development cycle generating significant business benefits and creating competitive edge.

Cut design time and lower production costs with simplified workflows that will minimise the need for physical prototypes and reduce costly errors.

Get to Market Faster with Autodesk® Digital Prototyping

  • Digital Prototyping is an intelligent model-based approach that gives manufacturing professionals across departments the ability to virtually explore a complete product before it’s built. Use Digital Prototyping to design, simulate, collaborate, manufacture and manage products digitally throughout the product development process
  • Autodesk® Digital Prototyping is designed so that components work seamlessly with each other, alongside solutions from other vendors
  • Autodesk® Digital Prototyping is scalable to help solve your customer problems across all stages of the product lifecycle and allows you to start where you want and grow from there
  • Autodesk® Digital Prototyping is cost effective because it offers pre-packaged Design Suites to serve your entire workflow and fit your budget.

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