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Project review software for AEC professionals. Naviswork project review software lets architecture, engineering, and construction professionals holistically review integrated models and data with stakeholders during preconstruction to better control project outcomes.

Clash Detection and Interference Checking
Better anticipate and help reduce potential clash and interference problems before construction, minimizing expensive delays and rework.

  • Perform clash detection tests against specified geometry to help find and resolve conflicts
  • Check as-built laser-scan data against 3D designs
  • Open current clash in many original design software applications
  • View clashes in context with geometry in the model and in relation to other clashes
  • Make all non-clashing items transparent to more easily locate clashes in the model
  • Move between clash results to maintain orientation in the model
  • Create Hard, Clearance, and Duplicate clash tests to support multiple coordination scenarios
  • Analyze space and time by linking clash tests to 5D simulations and object animations

Clash and Interference Management
Manage and track clashes and interferences more easily.

  • Track the status of clashes as you find and resolve them
  • Group clash results to address multiple results as a single issue
  • Group and filter clashes using grid and level location
  • Export reports with results of clash tests, including comments and screenshots, to help communicate issues to the project team
  • Share clash scenarios with other Navisworks Manage users with XML import/export for reuse on similar projects

Dedicated Clash Detection Tool
Clash Detection tool supports identification, management, and resolution of clashes.

  • Clash object colors
  • Composite-level clashing
  • Management of saved viewpoints
  • Comments column
  • Filter by selection new modes: Inclusive, Exclusive, None
  • Reporting of filtered results
  • User-controlled isolation settings

BIM 360 Glue Integration
Deeper integration between Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue provides cloud connectivity to the Navisworks user, supporting shared Navisworks data and workflows with BIM 360 projects.

BIM Coordination with AutoCAD
Improve project coordination with BIM coordination model features in AutoCAD that enable you to open Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue models within design products.

BIM 360 Shared Views
Users connected to a BIM 360 Glue project can share views resulting from their review and analysis activity. In BIM 360 Glue, create a folder structure to manage your views. Then from either Navisworks 2017 or BIM 360 Glue, create views and share them with the connected team, providing real-time access across clients.

Interoperability Enhancements
Review and collaborate with your entire project team with third-party software support. Updates to third-party support include Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Rhino 3D.

Model File and Data Aggregation
Combine design and construction data into a single integrated model using model publishing, data, and model aggregation tools.

  • Incorporate files in many major 2D and 3D design or laser scan file formats
  • Integrate even the largest data sets into project models
  • Read intelligent data from original design files and view it beside the model
  • Import live data from external databases and display it within the model

Whole-Project Review
Facilitate review of all aspects of your project with the review toolkit.

  • Measure distances, areas, and angles
  • Store, organize, and share camera views of a design and export them into images or reports
  • Add cross sections and section plans to inspect details closely
  • Use NWF reference files to view the latest version of a CAD design while maintaining previous review data
  • Open current model and viewpoint in many original design software packages
  • Automate tasks or extend functionality using extensive APIs (application programming interface)

NWD and DWF Publishing
Publish your entire project for a whole-project view. Publish and store complete project models in a single distributable NWD or DWF file.

  • Embed or exclude object properties
  • Compress file size by up to 90%, compared to original design files
  • Help to secure files with password encryption, time expiration, and read-only format
  • Include all authorship and copyright details in files
  • Store all review data with the model
  • Enable viewing of NWD models from a web browser or within Microsoft Office documents and presentations via ActiveX control
  • Use the free Navisworks Freedom viewer to open any NWD model

Streamlined Collaboration
Communicate design intent more clearly and encourage teamwork with help from the collaboration toolkit.

  • Add markups to viewpoints with advanced redlining tools
  • Comment on viewpoints with searchable notes, and include a date-stamped audit trail
  • Record animated walk-throughs for real-time playback, or export as AVI files
  • Stream large models and content from a disk or the Internet, navigating the design as the model loads

Measurement Tools
Gain greater accuracy and control when taking dimensions from the model.

  • Improved snapping—Intuitive display of vertex, edge, and face snapping
  • Dimension locking—Lock measurement to XYZ axis; lock measurement parallel or perpendicular to surface
  • AutoZoom—Zoom to enable more accurate selection of vertex, edge, or face

Redline Tool
Now when adding redlines, you can use the Arrow Redline tool for greater clarity and control.

5D Project Scheduling
Simulate construction project scheduling in 5D to visually communicate and analyze project activities and minimize delays and sequencing problems.

  • Help confirm building or demolition viability by developing construction or demolition sequences that link model geometry to times and dates
  • Import times, dates, costs, and other task data from project management software to dynamically link schedules with project models
  • Set up planned and actual times to visualize deviations from the project schedule
  • Export 5D simulations as AVI animations or sequential images
  • Customize simulation behavior and overlay text
  • Use CSV Import/Export for 2-way interoperability with other applications
  • Copy and paste dates from spreadsheets and specialist planning tools
  • Use tools to associate geometry and tasks quickly and easily

Photorealistic Model Rendering
Use photorealistic model rendering capabilities to develop compelling 3D animations and imagery for project presentations.

  • Customize and configure every render aspect, including materials, lights, backgrounds, and rendering styles
  • Use environmental backgrounds to add real-world scenery
  • Choose from more than 1,000 built-in materials to create a photorealistic look
  • Add rich photorealistic content (RPC), such as people and trees, to scenes
  • Add smooth shadows and natural lighting with HDRI lighting
  • Use real-time shaders that support the OpenGL 2.0 shader language for real-time lighting and shadows
  • Create believable nighttime imagery with light-scattering effects
  • Create your own transparent materials with support for PNG files with transparency

Object Animation and Model Simulation
Animate and interact with objects for better model simulation.

  • Create animations showing object movement, operation, assembly, and disassembly
  • Create interaction scripts that link animations to specific events, triggers, or key commands
  • Link object animations to tasks in a 5D schedule
  • Include animated objects in a clash detection and interference analysis

Smooth Interaction with Quantification Data
Bring quantities from an aggregated model into a project. Mine quantities from model properties, and create placeholders for items not in the model. In addition, you can tie quantification data to model objects without properties. This ability to go from high-level detailed models to virtually no details and still allow for more accurate quantity takeoff supports the entire project team, from design to field execution.

Cloud Rendering
Connect Navisworks models to cloud Rendering in A360 to create renders for whole-project models.

Autodesk Rendering Enhancements
Get enhanced tools for visualization with improved Autodesk Consistent Material support, easy-to-use render settings, and a sun location tool.

Reality Capture Enhancements
Take advantage of enhancements to ReCap point cloud integration.

  • Performance improvements and enhanced display settings support better point cloud visualisation
  • Publish your point cloud data to the extended team using Navisworks Freedom
  • Use reality capture workflows with AutoCAD design and documentation software, Inventor 3D mechanical design software, Revit Building Information Modelling (BIM) software

Real-Time Navigation
Explore your integrated project model using advanced navigation tools.

  • Enable gravity, solid-object recognition, and customizable third-person avatars for a more realistic, real-time experience
  • Use comprehensive navigation tools, including Walk, Look Around, Zoom, Zoom Box, Pan, Orbit, Examine, Fly, and Turntable
  • Access the ViewCube and SteeringWheels 3D navigation widgets and the navigation bar for a consistent user experience across many Autodesk applications

Whole-Team Project Review
Extend the whole-project view to all project stakeholders with the free Navisworks Freedom 3D viewer, improving communication and collaboration.

Supported File Formats
Navisworks applications support multiple file formats created by numerous design applications. Get details of supported formats and applications.

Integrated 2D Quantification
Sheet-based quantification supports integrated 2D and 3D project measurement, enabling easier project scheduling.

3D Quantification
Generate detailed quantity workbooks from the integrated project data set. Use the property mapping tool to work with multiple formats.

Quantification Enhancements
Quantification includes support for 2D PDF sheets, enabling integrated model and sheet-based takeoff with the most common industry formats. Make material costing faster, easier, and more accurate with improved printing and markup tools.

Quantification 2D PDF Reader
Improvements to quantification include the addition of a 2D PDF reader for greater flexibility in quantity takeoff. Navisworks supports Adobe PDF files for use in 2D design data and quantification workflows. PDFs appear in full detail showing lines, text, color, and shading.

Achieve greater clarity on a complex sheet and clearer documentation of your takeoff.

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