Autodesk License Compliance Checks

Autodesk are currently undertaking license compliance checks in order to identify any customers in breach of the Autodesk T&Cs that are sharing software outside the outlined T&Cs.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Any non-compliant customers identified in the process of such checks, will then be penalised by Autodesk and the penalty will take the form of a substantial fine.

In this context, there might also be a need for a budget required to purchase additional licenses for those users not covered by the initial license agreement.

How Can We Help?

  • As an Autodesk Gold Partner, we are able to act as an interface and, although we cannot influence the final decision made following any Autodesk investigation into your case, we can indeed help you manage your licenses more effectively, so as to try and avoid any future penalties and business disruptions.
  • Even though we cannot offer any guarantees that you will not be fined, as we do not have access to the investigation tools used by Autodesk, we will work with you to minimise the chances of a fine being issued and to make sure you are fully compliant with any Autodesk license and set-up requirements in the future.
  • We will also be very careful in assessing whether there is an actual need to purchase additional Autodesk licenses.

So take action now to avoid any disruptions to your business!

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