Transform your 2D ideas and designs into 3D digital prototypes

Autodesk software not only enables you to digitally design, visualise, and simulate your most complex ideas, it also eases the transition from 2D to 3D design and engineering processes.

This way, designers can accelerate their concepts and precisely visualise their projects and products virtually, reducing the need for costly physical prototypes and speeding innovative products to market.

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Single 3D Model

With Autodesk software, a single 3D model containing all design data can be shared across multi-discipline teams of designers and engineers as product development proceeds, assisting with:

  • Consistency
  • Communication
  • Error reduction
  • Streamlined design process

Important points to keep in mind

Autodesk 3D design and modelling software solutions enhance efficiency and productivity of the design process by enabling professionals across a variety of industries to digitally build their ideas.

The ability to visualise and test designs under real-world conditions, all within a single, intelligent, and updatable 3D model, enables exploration of complete projects and products before they incur the costs of building physical prototypes or beginning construction.

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